Occupational Committee (Belegungsausschuss)

What does the Occupational Committee do ?

Within the the self-administration of Kawo 2 The Occupational Committee (BA) has the task of managing the allocation of accommodations in Cooperation with STW (Studirendenwerk Aachen). Further it provides assistance regarding moving in or out of Kawo 2. It is important to note that final decision regarding room allocation as well as Accommodation Rules are exclusively made by the STW itself. The Occupational Committee is committed to recommend applicants in such a way that every shared flat as well as every apartment maintains cultural diversity and provide a good living atmosphere.

What we can provide you with:

        • More Details on how to apply for a dormitory room,
        • Information regarding moving out. Please note however that we are not responsible nor legally authorised to accept moving out requests. The moving out request has to be spent to Studirendenwerk Aachen!
        • What to do to find a new room mate,
        • Sublet application form,
        • Application form for pausing your rental period (Wohnzeitunterbrechung),
        • if you have any recommendations or questions please feel free to contact us.


Consultation hour:

Wednesday 20:30-21h, location: Kawo Bar. As all members of the Occupational Committee are students volunteering to do the job, please kindly respect those hours.

During Christmas as well as other national Holidays there will be no Consultation hour.

How to find us: The Kawo Bar is located in the basement of house number 7 which is the house with the K2 bar lamp.

There is a separate door (not the front door) at the side of the building which leads directly to the Kawo Bar.



You can reach us via mail ba@kawo2.rwth-aachen.de and during our Consultation hour.

Postal adress:

Belegungsausschuss Kawo2
Kastanienweg 29
52074 Aachen